SMILE (small incision lenticule extraction)

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SMILE (small incision lenticule extraction) is the latest advance in laser eye surgery, taking laser eye surgery to a whole new level.

SMILE is a minimally invasive, single-step process, with one laser used to cut a precise disc of corneal tissue which is subsequently removed through a tiny laser incision.

The entire SMILE procedure is performed within the cornea without having to cut the eye’s surface in order to achieve reshaping.

Before the procedure the eye is numbed with anaesthetic eye drops.

During the procedure the laser is used to shape the disc, known as a lenticule. The same laser is then used to make an incision of less than 4mm to remove the lenticule.

The SMILE laser is a femtosecond, or ultra-short pulse laser that doesn’t burn or damage surrounding tissue.

The entire SMILE procedure usually takes around 30 seconds and the incision heals on its own within days.

Both eyes can be treated with SMILE at the same time. 

Final vision correction with SMILE is achieved immediately and there is a very fast recovery with limited down time following the procedure.

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